Two Wooden Jingle Bells by Roman Chernikov

Roman’s Gallery

The gallery contains “Lighthouse on a cliff” — is turned and carved from basswood. Height with the base is 6″ (15 cm). Base diameter is 3 inches (7 cm).

The base is turned from a maple burl while still exposing its natural surface. Lighthouses were often built on the rocks so, I think, the burl original look fits the project well — it reminds a rocky cliff.

Bottle stopper from the highly figured, lightly spalted, beautiful piece of maple burl.

Two turned wooden bells. Turned from maple, embellished with a woodburner and acrylic paint, and finished with boiled linseed oil.

Jingle Bells turned from maple. Embellished with woodburning and acrylic paint.

Roman Chernikov joined the club in 2015. If you would like to see more Roman’s turnings please visit his personal website: READ N TRY


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