West Bay Woodturners Newsletters

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  • Woodturners Newsletter, May 2024

    Woodturners Newsletter, May 2024

    April Program: ornamental turning live demo with Brad Bond. President’s challenge: turn a lidded bowl or canister

  • Woodturners Newsletter, April 2024

    Woodturners Newsletter, April 2024

    March Program: Finishing Part 2 – Finish types and application. President’s challenge: turn a thin-walled bowl

  • Woodturners Newsletter, March 2024

    Woodturners Newsletter, March 2024

    February program: Finishing Part 1 – Sanding and prep. President’s challenge: make a nice platter.

  • Woodturners Newsletter, February 2024

    Woodturners Newsletter, February 2024

    January program: Extended show and tell. President’s challenge: A turned tree or a mushroom, inspired by Kelly’s November demo.

  • Woodturners Newsletter, January 2024

    Woodturners Newsletter, January 2024

    December program: Holiday Potluck! President’s challenge: bring an ornament for the raffle.

  • Woodturners Newsletter, December 2023

    November program: Bending a tree: off-center turning with Kelly Smith. President’s challenge: A Holiday ornament or gift item.

  • Woodturners Newsletter, November 2023

    October program: “Grind, Grind, Grind” — a follow up from Tina’s demo where we had many discussions around the types of grind. President’s challenge: Show a turning with something you learned from Tina’s presentation on Advanced Basics for Bowl Turners. It could be about tool positioning, body motion, etc.

  • Woodturners Newsletter, October 2023

    September program: demo and presentation by Tina Chou on “Advanced Basics for Bowl Turners”. President’s challenge: bring a piece that shows a turned texture, either chatter, Sorby texturing tool, or any other.

  • Woodturners Newsletter, September 2023

    August program: joint picnic with SVW at Cuesta Park. President’s challenge: bring a dish to picnic and a turned item for our show & tell table.

  • Woodturners Newsletter, August 2023

    July program: Jon Bishop on using the Sorby texturing tools. President’s challenge: make a finial, either to fit a hollowed piece, an ornament, or by itself.

  • Woodturners Newsletter, July 2023

    June program: Don Bonnett demonstrated his techniques for turning finials. President’s challenge: A staved goblet, regular goblet or any staved turning.

  • Woodturners Newsletter, June 2023

    May program: Eric McCrystal with a talk on making staved goblets. President’s challenge: bowl with a perfectly smooth and ring free inside transition.

  • Woodturners Newsletter, May 2023

    April program: Kirk Deheer on fixing transitions. President’s challenge: ?

  • Woodturners Newsletter, March 2023

    February program: Fixing defects with bowties, sawdust fills, resin, stitches, etc. by Claude Godcharles, Bob Bley and others. President’s challenge: Something you made with mystery wood.