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  • Mike Mahoney’s Woodturning Demonstration, 2024

    Mike Mahoney’s Woodturning Demonstration, 2024

    The article provides a detailed and engaging overview of Mike Mahoney’s woodturning demonstration, highlighting key techniques and projects. It effectively encourages readers to explore further opportunities to learn from Mike and participate in future woodturning events.

  • Hands-on Open Shop – My Take

    23 October 2023 – Thanks to Claude Godcharles for making the Palo Alto Adult School wood shop available for the hands-on follow up to David Vannier’s “Grind, Grind, Grind” presentation at the October 2023 meeting, and to those who helped stage, mentor, demonstrate, explain, and clean up. About 15 to 20 people attended and participated…

  • Plate: chip carved, mid-century, Hutsul (Ukrainian)

    Plate: chip carved, mid-century, Hutsul (Ukrainian)

    This plate was among my grandfather’s items, which were mostly intarsia of his own making. It was probably given to him shortly after the second world war. The back of the plate bears an inscription, written in pencil, in English and German. It has been obscured by age, but what I can make out is:…

  • Drying Wood

    If you do research on the web, have been to the AAW symposiums, go to any of the other symposiums, or even talk with other turners, you will hear all kinds of different techniques for drying wood. 

  • Food Safe Finishes

    The topic of food safe finishes is a recurring theme for many woodturners and woodworkers who envision placing their projects in contact with food, drink, or any materials meant to be consumed.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Answers to common questions such as how does our meeting operate? How do I become a member? What classes have been offered?

  • Member Benefits

    Access to our club library Our club maintains a library of DVD’s and books. Members can check the items out for $1 per item for the first month, and $2 for each additional month. Check out the library during the break at the club meeting. Mentoring program Our club has always tried to help newcomers…