Member Benefits

Access to our club library

Our club maintains a library of DVD’s and books. Members can check the items out for $1 per item for the first month, and $2 for each additional month. Check out the library during the break at the club meeting.

Mentoring program

Our club has always tried to help newcomers experience the joys of making the shavings fly. One way of doing it has been to pair a beginner one-on-one with a more experienced turner from the same geographic area. They can meet when and where it suits them.   We’d like to expand the program, keeping the old system of helping with start-up problems and also offering a higher level of advice and hands-on help for those who want to attempt more advanced methods, such as these listed below: MENTORING SPECIALITIES a) Selecting and Cutting trees
b) Rough turning/ finishing
c) Natural Edge
d) Segmented
e) Hollowing
f) Pens
g) Boxes
h) Finials
i) Between centers (skew, beads, coves, balls, eggs,….)
j) Ornamental
k) Miniature
l) Sharpening
m) Tooling

Contact the Club to be involved as either a mentor or to work with a mentor.

Professional Demonstrators

Two or three times a year we try to bring in professional demonstrators for an all day session, 9AM to 4-5PM. The cost is only $30 for a member, and $35-45 for a non-member (includes the membership fee). Locations for these meetings vary, so check on them at the club meetings and for yahoo group email messages. Most require you to bring a chair. You will be glad you brought your camera and some paper to take notes. These are unique learning opportunities at a substantially reduced rate.

Wood Raffle

A few times a year we hold a wood raffle at a club meeting. Buy your tickets for an opportunity to get some turning wood.

Club discounts on orders from Craft Supply

Our club receives ~10% discount and free shipping on orders that we place over $1,000. To participate, you pay full price for the item, and provide the information with the coordinator. When the order reaches $1k, it is sent into Craft Supply. When the order arrives, you will receive your order along with the discount that we are given.

Discounts on bulk items bought by members and offered to members

Currently we have two items that are available, Anchorseal and CA glue. These items are generally available at every meeting.

Club T-shirts and hats

The club pre-ordered some shirts and hats with the club logo. They are high quality and available for purchase at club meetings. Polo shirts are $25, T-shirts are $15, and hats are $10. They come in two colors, so check them out.


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