Kevins Lee's Woodturning Gallery: snowmen

Kevin’s Gallery

I still have a lot to learn about woodturning. And even more to learn about editing a website!

The purpose for this little gallery is to practice website editing, while also showing you some of the things I’ve made on my Lathe. (And after looking for photos of my work, I can tell this exercise will makeforce me to be a better photographer too.) 🙂

Anyway, here’s a picture of a baby rattle I made for my niece. The Ash handle isn’t much bigger than a pencil, and the Black Acacia sphere is hollowed out and filled with a few grains of rice to rattle when shaken.

And this is a necklace / jewelry holder I made once when I was practicing spindle turning:

A small branch fell from a tree in my yard and I wanted to do something more than just throw it away. After a little turning, this bird was the result.

I make little snowmen each year for the holidays. Can you tell which one of these was done in 2020?


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